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Galaxy bear has friends! And Itsuko sent me pictures of the fabric so I can confirm it is the Carina Nebula! The circled star in the gif above is eta Carina, and the darker region next to it is the Keyhole Nebula (which I only finally figured out just now). The gif is the fabric, and the bottom is from ESO.

Rumor has it Itsuko is looking for more fabric to make these gorgeous animal friends… I for one would love to see Solar System bears!


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excellent excuse to buy stuffed animals

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Med school starts in about a month and I have so many things to buy it’s freaking me out!

-Books: These are being passed down to us via filesharing from the M2 class. I like paper books, but I’ve been told they arent really necessary and that the lectures should suffice, we’ll see.
-Supplies: I have to buy the “essential equipment” i.e. a stethoscope, oto/opthalmoscope, reflex hammer, pen light. (I keep hearing these things can just be borrowed for clinic days but I want to be safe… and not have to share.)
-I have ordered my white coat! They told us to get it early because turnover takes a while if you wait until classes start.
-Anatomy: I have also purchased scrubs for anatomy (scrubin has them cheap $6-8, as does goodwill $3). I have also ordered a dissection kit, cheap lab coat, and gloves from the M2 class. I still have to get an atlas.
-New clothes!: We have a dress code for classes, so I have also expanded my “professional” wardrobe. I bought quite a few blouses, skirts, and slacks. I’m told the dress code doesn’t last long, but I like looking decent.
-Transportation: I still have to buy my parking pass (for my ~1 hour commute, dreading it already)
-New computer: The one I have is about five years old and unbelievably slow. Most people have ipads I think? But I want one of the 2-in-1s, but anything fast will do.

That’s my list. I also plan on getting First Aid, as recommended by some of the medblrs. Is there anything else I should consider buying?

if anyone wants to sponsor me that would be ok medical school ms1 medblr

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To attend class tomorrow or not to attend class tomorrow?
That is the question—
Whether ‘tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
the doctors and patients, outrageous lectures,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To skip, to sleep—
all day; and by a sleep, to say we postpone
the suffering, and the thousand Natural shocks
that medical school is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished.
Shakespeare interpreted by a medical student  (via diarymdstudent)

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its a one hour commute to my med school struggle is extremely real